I know that you can't see me right now, but imagine I'm sitting across from you at your favourite coffee shop with a smile on my face (and a delicious hot chocolate in hand). And imagine we're about to get to know each other really well. Let's also pretend my diet is going well so I can afford to eat this big slice of chocolate cake. Before I get into all of the details about myself, I'll start by telling you my name. I think that's a good place to start, after all. My name is Josie Hooper and I'm a happily married mother of two Batman and Marvel obsessed boys aged two and four.

I'm not just a mum, though. I have other loves in my life: cake, chocolate (just all food in general actually), Harry Potter, Elementary, looking at million pound houses on Rightmove just in case I win the lottery, Pinterest, the few days after Easter when all the chocolate is cheap, collecting house plants, travelling and that awesome opening scene in Guardians Of The Galaxy 2.

Also, I love my job; I love photographing weddings. I love love, I love romance, I love it all! I approach each wedding with a very relaxed and informal 'hands off' approach as I want you to lose yourself in your day and enjoy it with your friends and family, not worry about looking out for me with my camera. I'll blend in to the background while watching out to capture those special moments of real emotion. I certainly won't ask you to pose and smile for the camera as I believe the emotions you see in each image should be authentic - there will be no cheese with me (unless I can eat it). 

If I'm a good fit for you then maybe we can go to that coffee shop for real? Call me!

Yours, Josie

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