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1:1 Mentoring


So you have your camera and you have a dream but now what? What do you do now? It’s not easy to get started in this business so perhaps I can help?

I remember when I first decided I wanted to be a wedding photographer, how I used to spend hours upon hours sat at my computer googling everything and watching Youtube videos. What better way to learn, eh? Youtube tutorials and Google literally help me adult 24/7! Well, actually, looking back it was obviously a big waste of time. I still made mistakes - some very expensive business mistakes, I still felt out of my depth and I still felt like a massive fraud. Trust me, no amount of googling can help you. You need advice and guidance tailored specifically to you and your business and I can give it.

I will tell you everything I know, I won’t hold anything back and I’ll give it to you straight - no bullshit. You won’t suddenly be fully booked and number 1 on Google when we’re finished but you’ll have a wealth of knowledge, advice, ideas and the motivation to start growing your business. I’ll tell you such things as how I went from three bookings in January 2018 to twenty five bookings just by the end of Febuary 2018, how I shoot a full wedding day where I give a full walkthrough talkthrough of an entire wedding gallery (pre culled so 2500+ images), how I use and edit on Lightroom and much more.


what we will cover

Finding and attracting your ideal clients

Effective client communication



Walkthrough talkthrough of an entire wedding gallery

Website and portfolio review


Branding and marketing

Q&A ask me anything - I’ll be completely honest with you


 A mentoring session with me is an intensive five hour online session via Skype/Zoom Mon-Fri 9.30-2.30. Mentoring sessions are best for photographers with full knowledge of their cameras but just starting out or in their first few years of business. Sessions are priced at £295 with a one hour follow up call after 6-8 weeks included.

It’s time. It’s time to invest in yourself and start growing. I want to see your confidence grow and I want to see you succeeding. Fill out the contact form below, sit back and savour the moment you took control of your future in wedding photography

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